Schellenberger Brushes GmbH


Your Producer of twisted-in Brushes Schellenberger Brush Factory, Europes greatest company of twisted-in wire brushes, is developing and producing technical and medical brushes and paint brushes in stamped version. The variety of assortment is unique in the industrial sector: Starting with cleaning brushes for all kind of different domains, like for boilers and weapons, all the way to medical cleaning brushes and brushes for dental hygiene.

Supplemented by end-brushes and applicators in industrial use, for example in screw-caps for cans and by fixing broken car windows in the car industry. Approximately 200.000 products are leaving our warehouse every day. In 2011 Schellenberger Brush Factory Ltd. certified the quality management by DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. 

In 2011, the quality management system according to DIN EN 9001 in the Schellenberger brushes GmbH: 2008 certified. Since 2016 we are certified to DIN EN ISO 13485 “Medical devices – Quality management systems – Requirements for regulatory purposes”.

  TÜV Hessen 9001Tüv hessen 13483

Technical, medical and industrial brushes

The Schellenberger Brush Company is an exclusive supplier for industrial companies and Banner Made in Germanywholesalers. In addition to our standard range of technical and medical brushes, we also develop and produce, upon customer request, individual brushes for specific purposes. Brushes are our passion and as a company based in Germany our brushes are exclusively “Made in Germany”.