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About Schellenberger brushes GmbH

Schellenberger Bürstenfabrik GmbH is Europe’s largest manufacturer of twisted brushes. No matter whether you need microbrushes with a diameter of 0.4 mm or larger designs: Premium quality brushes, manufactured by more than 70 excellently qualified employees using our state-of-the-art machinery and built to precise specifications, depart our warehouse every day. Efficient processes and more than 111 years of experience in the production of brushes ensure that our third-generation family firm is a capable partner. This has been confirmed not only by renowned German and international companies in the industrial sector, but also by independent test institutions, as Schellenberger Bürstenfabrik is certified according to DIN ISO EN 9001 and DIN ISO 13485.

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Portfolio: Custom brushes for your applications

We are specialists for technical and medical brushes, as well as for stamped coating brushes for the industrial and wholesale sectors. The variety of our portfolio is unique and also includes the production of individual, special or custom designs. Our range extends from cleaning brushes for boilers and firearms, to a broad selection of medical cleaning brushes, as well as brushes for domestic uses and dental hygiene.

Our claim: smart solutions for today and tomorrow’s world

We have invested over €2 million in the modernisation, digitisation and automation of our company in recent years. Industry 4.0 is our future, not just an empty slogan. And Schellenberger is perfectly equipped to meet this challenge. Our customers benefit thanks to efficient workflows, outstanding quality and fair prices.

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Made in Bechhofen

All of our products are manufactured exclusively in Bechhofen and therefore carry the quality hallmark “Made in Germany”.

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Shared responsibility

Working together for the common good: Get to know our network and learn more about the charitable projects to which we contribute.

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Corporate social responsibility

As a family firm, we bear responsibility, especially toward the people who grow up, live and work in our region.

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Our history

Schellenberger Bürstenfabrik has been known by its customers as a reliable supplier of twisted brushes for many decades.

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