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TecSp!n │ Technical brushes


Whether they be round brushes with blunt eyelets, threaded boiler brushes or firearm brushes with brass bristles – Schellenberger Bürstenfabrik GmbH offers a large selection of efficiently manufactured brushes for a wide range of applications. Our own brand TecSp!n, for instance, is characterised by outstanding longevity and is primarily intended for cleaning, grinding, polishing, smoothening, derusting and deburring the inner walls of tubes and drilled holes.


Our technical brushes at a glance

The twisted wires on our technical brushes are made of galvanised, black, sheathed steel or stainless steel. We fit an eyelet, a thread or a handle at the end of the shaft, depending on the intended use.

Our experts place a straight brush foot (with or without eyelet), tuft or a cap at the head of the brush to meet your wishes and requirements.

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Boiler brushes, stove pipe brushes & more

Schellenberger Bürstenfabrik stands at your side as a highly efficient manufacturer of technical brushes.
No matter whether you need to clean boilers or stove pipes – our boiler brushes are extremely low wear and built to withstand frequent, long-term use.

Benefits │ Cleaning with a technical brush:

Regular cleaning extends the service life of any heating system and ensures more cost-efficient operation.

  Increases the efficiency of any system

  • Preventing unnecessary energy consumption
  • Reduziert Schadstoffemissionen deutlich
  • Lowering the temperature of exhaust fumes
Bürste zur Waffenreinigung
Firearm cleaning brushes

Characteristic features of the firearm cleaning brushes by Schellenberger include dense bristles and hand-picked materials. We manufacture firearm brushes with a tolerance of 0.2 mm and can therefore deliver maximum precision compared to other products, as well as greater bristle density for considerably more effective cleaning.


Areas of use │ Cleaning and lubrication of:

  • Hunting firearms
  • Flare guns
  • Sports firearms
  • General firearms
  • Aircraft cannons

Technical brushes with a fascinating twist │ TecSp!n

Are you looking for twisted brushes to clean firearms, or do you need cleaning brushes for waxed wooden handles? Schellenberger Bürstenfabrik is your ideal partner for technical brushes, industrial brushes and matching accessories. And in the unlikely event that you cannot find what you need in our range of more than 12,000 brushes, our experts would be delighted to help develop a customised brush for your industrial application.

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Are you interested in our technical brushes?

We would gladly prepare a quotation to meet your specific needs.

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Are you looking for the perfect brush?

Use our configurator to combine the various components.

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Do you already have a brush that you would like to upgrade?

Just send us a sample and we will contact you shortly.

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