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Custom brushes: Let’s twist again!


Schellenberger Bürstenfabrik GmbH is Europe’s largest manufacturer of twisted brushes. Our portfolio extends from cleaning brushes for boilers and firearms, to a broad range of medical endoscope brushes, test tube brushes or voice prosthesis brushes, as well as brushes for domestic uses and dental hygiene. The manufacture of premium special brushes and customised accessories rounds off our highly diversified range.

Benefit from our experience, high-quality materials and long-standing design competence. Team up with Schellenberger to build solutions that are tailored to your requirements.


  • More than 12,000 different items
  • Up to 300 developments each year
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Made in Bechhofen
  • Development and series production
  • Packaging & labelling as a one-stop solution
Individuelle Bürsten aus Carbon

Large selection, infinite uses

Our cleaning brushes are used in an extremely broad range of scenarios to meet a variety of specific needs. For instance, the twisted brush with sheathed wire and polyamide, i.e. nylon bristles, is used to clean a particular tube in dental technology as well as to deburr plastic parts after injection moulding. To facilitate your selection of base materials, we will gladly provide you with individual advice and develop an ideal combination of bristles and wire to ensure that your brush functions precisely according to your wishes.

Perfect craftsmanship│ Creating twisted brushes in 3 steps


No matter whether a brush is designed for technical or medical uses, the basic configuration always consists of two components: twisted wire and bristles.

Many others are added (through individual modification at the head or foot of the twisted brush) due to the various combinations of materials and production methods.

This results in almost endless application scenarios.

1.) Two to four wires, i.e. one wire bent into the shape of a hairpin (the subsequent brush body), are placed in a turning device in one or several rows.

2.) The bristles (brushes, wire or synthetic materials) are inserted inside the twisted wire.

3.) The turning device twists the wires either clockwise or counter-clockwise until the bristles can withstand even the toughest demands.

The body of our brushes can consist of thin and elastic wire, which means they can easily reach even the most inaccessible points.

Technical brushes

TecSp!n │ Technical brushes

Robust, durable & versatile: Our technical brushes can deburr plastic parts after injection moulding, strip rust from tubes, or clean oil and gas-fired boilers.
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Medical brushes

Ondosan │ Medical brushes

We develop and manufacture medical brushes and the necessary packaging (sterile/non-sterile) for manufacturers of medical devices, laboratories and hospitals. And all, of course, within a hygienic environment.
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Customised brushes

Solenda │ Customised brushes

Benefit from our experience, high-quality materials and long-standing design competence. Cooperate with us to build solutions that are tailored to your requirements.
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Accessories: Handles & shafts

Browse our range to discover first-class accessories that you can obtain together with our brushes or as individual items.
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A brief guide to materials

A brief guide to materials

From head to foot: Find out how a twisted brush is put together and learn more about the bristles, twisted wire and everything else.
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Brush configurator

Brush configurator

Are you looking for the perfect brush? We have developed a configurator to assist you in combining the various components.
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