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Single source │ Contract packaging, contract labelling & more


From packaging to labelling and shipping – as a leading manufacturer of twisted brushes, Schellenberger Bürstenfabrik supplies renowned companies around the world every single day. You will be in great company. Benefit from our coordinated, one-stop solutions, as well as our extensive expertise in the development of twisted brushes.

Schellenberger offers a variety of packaging options to ensure that your brushes reach your warehouse, customers or another destination of your choice both safely and cost-efficiently:

Loose, in blister packaging or in plastic, boxes or bags. What’s more, we can customise your packaging by printing your logo on bags, inserting leaflets (instructions for use) in the blister packaging or by attaching labels to boxes.

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Contract packaging

Bags or plastic, wholesalers or consumers: We have exactly the right packaging that you need. Or we can design it together with you.

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Contract labelling

GTIN, data matrix, EAN or QR code – we label your products. On the product itself, the packaging or the packing unit.

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Would you like us to send our brushes etc. directly to your customers? Just contact us for a quotation with no further commitments. We sign a nondisclosure agreement to keep you and your customers’ data safe.

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