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Our corporate social responsibility

As a richly traditional family firm, Schellenberger Bürstenfabrik GmbH bears responsibility towards its business partners, the environment and in particular the people that grow up, live and work in our region. We are not interested in short-term profit maximisation, but rather in sustainable strategies and business operations.

Schellenberger bears responsibility toward …

… Employees:

Schellenberger brushes aims to guarantee that future generations will find a nurturing environment – which includes safe jobs, a modern infrastructure and plenty of educational opportunities.

  • Flexitime and generous worktime arrangements, especially for single parents.
  • Support in obtaining information when caring for children or infirm people.
  • Assistance during training and regular in-house seminars
… Society:

We communicate credibly to secure the trust of our stakeholders. This is why we do not announce our social projects until the idea has taken shape, or in other words, until all project objectives and measures have been defined.

  • Financial donations to the local primary and secondary school in Bechhofen
  • Donations in kind to kindergartens in the town
  • Awarding of contracts to regional companies
  • Provision of a teacher for students at the secondary school on an hourly basis
  • Annual financial donations or donations in kind to associations and organisations that help the needy (doctors without borders, dentists without borders, Herzenswünsche e.V.)
  • Voluntary work for the German Brush Museum in Bechhofen
  • Typing campaign for the DKMS bone-marrow organisation
… Environment:

We feel committed to protecting the environment. This applies both to our products and how we operate as a company.

  • Made in Germany prevents unnecessary transports
  • Use of harmless raw materials and efficient methods
  • Fair working conditions
  • Environmentally friendly management of resources
  • Compliance with environmental standards and consistent efforts to reduce pollutant emissions
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    We do good things and
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    Accepting shared

    Working together for the common good: Here in Bechhofen, our actions speak louder than our words.

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