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Accessories │ Handles and shafts for twisted brushes

Do you want your special brush to be fitted with a plastic or a wooden handle?
Would you like your industrial brush to come with an extension shaft, or are you seeking a turned steel shaft for your own cleaning brush?

Equip your brush with the features you require: Our broad range includes first-class accessories that you can obtain together with our brushes or as individual items.

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From wire loops to solid steel shafts –
Our accessories at a glance

Our accessories are designed specifically to match Schellenberger products and therefore guarantee many years of professional service.

Naturally, our handles and shafts are suitable for all kinds of brushes as well.

Schellenberger offers you high-quality accessories to customise your brushes in a variety of designs, materials and sizes.

Whether with natural wood, robust steel or flexible plastic, with metric, Whitworth or imperial threads, solid steel extensions or a winder – how you adorn your twisted brush is entirely up to you.

Roter Kunststoffgriff für gedrehte Bürste
  • Plastic handles
  • Wooden handles
  • Eyelets
Rote Griffelemente für Bürsten
  • Twisted wire shafts
  • Solid steel shafts
  • Extension shafts
  • Wire loops

Sie stehen vor einer Herausforderung? Wir haben das passende Rüstzeug.

Our experts will gladly provide detailed advice to ensure that you can enjoy using your twisted brush for many years to come. We will help you select the right handle or shaft and modify the industrial brush to suit your precise operational requirements. Would you like to lubricate your injection moulding machine, without the corners or edges getting in the way? If so, our flexible wire loop with a wooden handle is just the ticket. A solid steel shaft with a plastic handle is the best choice for stripping rust from smooth surfaces.

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Are you interested in our brush accessories?

Just call us. Our Sales Manager and the Sales Team look forward to hearing from you.

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Are you looking for the perfect brush?

Use our configurator to combine the various components.

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Do you already have a brush that you would like to upgrade?

Just send us a sample and we will contact you shortly.

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