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Twisted brushes from head to foot


Our well-stocked warehouse contains everything you could conceivably need to manufacture your custom brushes: from the brush foot and bristles, wires and threads, to high-quality handles and shafts. As an innovative, conscientious company, we can use modern, special materials (including silver coating or with nano-finishing) on request, and also perform regular quality testing. We will gladly process components you send to us and will integrate them into your twisted brush.

Structure of a twisted brush

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Brush head

The brush head is an extremely versatile part and can also be equipped for a secondary function, besides cleaning the insides of tubes. For instance, an attached tuft can also be used to apply coatings.

Bristle material

Schellenberger Bürstenfabrik GmbH exclusively processes high-quality bristle materials that our experts coordinate specifically to suit your particular application scenario. They include:

  • Animal hair, such as horse hair, pig bristles, goat hair or lamb’s wool
  • Synthetic materials, such as polyamide, polypropylene, PVC or PBT
  • Vegetable substances, such as bassine, arenga or cotton
  • Metals, such as cast steel, stainless steel, bronze or brass

Other bristle materials are also available on request

Brush foot

Twisted eyelet, rounded or with a thread: We can provide brush feet in a large variety of sizes, models and materials to suit your requirements.

Handles & shafts

In addition to our brush portfolio, we also provide an extensive portfolio of different handles and shafts (optionally available with eyelets or threads). They are available to match your brushes or as separate items.

  • Twisted wire shafts
  • Solid steel shafts
  • Extension shafts
  • Wire loops
  • Plastic handles
  • Wooden handles
Twisted wires

Our twisted brushes are manufactured using twisted, galvanised or blank steel wire, rust- and acid-resistant wires, nonferrous wires and heavy metal wires. In principle, we work with three different wire shapes:

  • Round wire
  • Splint wire
  • Oval wire

Our standard twisted wire uses the round variety. It is less expensive than the other two wire forms and is suitable for machine processing.

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Are you looking for the perfect brush?

Use our configurator to combine the various components.

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Would you like to learn more about a particular brush foot?

Call us, send us an email or submit an enquiry using the contact form.

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Are you uncertain which materials would be most suitable for your application?

Just contact us and arrange an appointment with no further commitment.

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