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Custom-built technical coating brushes

 Are you looking for an oil brush, soldering fluid brush or a hollow brush that is specifically designed for your application? Whether it comes with or without an eyelet or brush foot, horse hair, new wool, cast steel or brass bristles – technical coating brushes built by Schellenberger are characterised by their versatility and high-quality materials. Our state-of-the-art know-how and modern machinery enable us to produce customised items of an outstanding quality.

Customers perceive us as more than just as a reliable provider of technical coating brushes: Schellenberger is an experienced developer and innovative problem-solver in one. Our excellently qualified employees work with you and cooperate closely with renowned companies to create needs-based, innovative designs that we then manufacture as series products.


Your benefits:

  • High-quality technical coating brushes
  • Designed for your individual requirements
  • Fair prices thanks to
  • efficient production in Bechhofen.
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You can really lay it on thick with our technical coating brushes.

Schellenberger brush factory made its name with the production of brushes for dental and medical applications. Originally referred to as a “medical-pharmaceutical brush manufacturer”, we still manufacture various designs of special brushes for technical use.

  • Oil brushes with a range of threads or plug connectors.
  • Soldering fluid brushes for application and cleaning
  • Boracic lotion brushes
  • Paintbrushes
  • Aluminium brushes and brushes with flat stamped ferrules
  • Hollow brushes
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We no longer manufacture paintbrushes for artists – there are specialists in this field, for instance the firm Zahn Pinsel, which is also located in Bechhofen an der Heide ( We would gladly pass on your enquiry.

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Are you interested in a specific technical brush?

Just send a product enquiry We will get back to you shortly.

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Do you have any questions about our coating brushes?

Call us, send us an email or submit an enquiry using the contact form.

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Do you already have a brush that you would like to upgrade?

Just send us a sample and we will contact you shortly.

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