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FAQ – if you are still unsure.

Frequently asked questions about our twisted brushes

No matter whether you have a question about your quotation, order or our portfolio – this section contains answers to frequently asked questions about our brushes. Do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or email if you do not find the right answer here.

Why are your products frequently more expensive than those of other providers?

Many companies relocate their production to third countries. For instance, some competitors now produce in Asia.

Employees in these countries frequently do not receive enough money to feed their families; there are no health and safety regulations, and people frequently fall ill due to substandard hygiene. We do not want to support these poor conditions, as they run contrary to our philosophy. We have been committed to Germany for over a century and will continue to manufacture in the region.

Which additional services does Schellenberger Bürstenfabrik GmbH offer?

Besides producing twisted brushes, we also develop custom brushes for your specific application. Moreover, Schellenberger packages your brushes either in blister packaging or bags, depending on your wishes. We attach an EAN code and an individualised box labelling to the secondary packaging as well.

Is there a price list for your products?

No, Schellenberger Bürstenfabrik is specialised in the manufacture of special items and therefore does not keep finished products in stock. We process each enquiry individually, define the materials we need for your purpose, check their availability and then select the best production method for your twisted brush.

Can I combine my own brush handle with your products?

Of course. Just send us a sample and we will integrate your wooden or plastic handle into the finished product. Whether it is welded, pressed or twisted on – we deliver a complete brush with your personal handle.

Do you have a minimum order value?

Yes. We have decided to introduce a minimum order value of €500, as we do not stock finished items and smaller orders are not economical. We hope that you understand this policy.

Is there a standard portfolio for smaller volumes?

You will find what you need at www.Brush-OUTLET.com if you are looking for twisted brushes in the familiar Schellenberger quality, but are unable to meet our minimum order value of €500. We sell a defined range of surplus products (no special items) in our online shop.

How long will it take until I receive a quotation?

We manufacture each brush individually and always quote a binding price, so it does take a while to calculate every item. This is why you will not receive a clear quotation until we have obtained all the prices from our suppliers, which usually takes two to three working days.

Are partial deliveries possible for large order volumes?

In this case we prepare a framework agreement with you that defines the lot sizes and the dates of subdeliveries.

What delivery times should I anticipate?

The delivery time depends on the destination country (third country, EU, EEA etc.) and your personal wishes. Our standard delivery time is four to six weeks, provided the necessary materials are available and once the technical and commercial conditions have been defined.

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