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Contract packaging. We’re great at wrapping things up!


Are you lacking the time, money or patience to unpack and repack loose items before getting them ready for shipment? Just leave these things safely in our hands. This way you can concentrate on the things you do best – and our contract packaging will look after the rest. Schellenberger Bürstenfabrik GmbH is your competent system partner for unusual or customised, one-stop packaging solutions that are tailored precisely to the needs of your product.

One-stop contract packaging | Packaging solutions at a glance

The externally visible quality counts: Brushes are also judged based on their packaging, so it might be unwise to present your products in neutral boxes or as loose items. A better option would be to select robust, tube packaging, sleek or printed bags, customised plastic packaging or attractive blister packaging.

Gedrehte Bürste in Einzelverpackung
Individual packaging for high-quality products

This plastic packaging enables easy removal of individual brushes. Each compartment can be separated from the packaging unit, ensuring that your product reaches its destination individually, but still packaged. The mechanism can be resealed multiple times.

Plastic packaging

The ROSE Set is a universal packaging form for medium-sized brushes. The transparent lid provides good visibility and presents your products attractively, while the foam cube on the inside holds your brushes firmly in place. We can gladly combine your plastic packaging with labels or leaflets.

Blister packaging

Schellenberger Bürstenfabrik is able to create customised blister packaging. During packaging, we place your product in the blister packaging and can add a code or card on request. Please consider that blister packaging is only possible for products measuring up to 100 mm (longest side) and is often inefficient for small batch sizes (under 10,000 units).

Multiple packaging for smaller brushes

This multi-unit box is the ideal packaging for several brushes. The plastic packaging is height-adjustable along its entire length and has a simple twist seal to prevent unintentional opening.

Combination or set packaging

Interdental brushes, microbrushes or endoscope brushes: The folding box used in our set packaging has individual holders and can accommodate up to ten brushes. Original seals, a sleeve, various labels and CE marking ensure maximum transparency.

Rectangular packaging

Like our round packaging, this option has an adjustable length but a constant width. The rectangular packaging is sealed by a screwing mechanism and insertion of the inner compartment into its holder. A twist-lock system holds the packaging at the correct length.

By the way: Our packaging machines can also use degradable film as an environmentally friendly solution.

Would you like us to handle your contract packaging?

We would gladly produce a sample to help you select your perfect packaging option.