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Adhering to relevant hygiene standards, Schellenberger Bürstenfabrik GmbH has an approx. 1,500 m² facility kept separate from the industrial brushes division in which it develops and produces medical brushes for laboratories, surgeries, manufacturers of medical devices and hospitals. The medical brushes of our own brand Ondosan are used to clean test tubes, cannulas, nozzles, endoscopes and medical device components.


Medical brushes for your health │ Ondosan

Dedicated experts and modern machinery allow us to process bristle material from a diameter of 0.06 mm. We collaborate with renowned manufacturers of medical devices to develop endoscope cleaning brushes from a diameter of 0.7 mm, which are designed for the increasingly delicate tubes and components. We now hold a European patent for the innovative method that allows us to produce endoscope brushes in any length that may be required.

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Interdental brushes

Schellenberger Bürstenfabrik manufactures interdental brushes with varying bristle thicknesses (from a fibre thickness of 0.06 mm) and colours – both with or without plastic holders. Our interdental brushes are characterised by particularly precise finishing (with max. tolerances of +/- 0.15 mm), so that they can also be used as endoscope brushes for working channels or to clean colonoscopy devices.
We can also fit polyester (PBT) or polyamide (PA) bristles with a thickness of 0.06 mm and above to any toothbrush handles provided by you.

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Medical cleaning brushes

Whether for twisted brushes to clean surgical instruments or smear brushes used in medical practices – for years now we have adorned our medical cleaning brushes with carbon or carbon fibre bristles. What’s more, we cooperate with laboratories and commission analyses by external specialists to continuously optimise our know how in the processing of stainless steel alloys. Would you like to sell your brushes with a CE mark or as medical devices? We can also develop suitable products together with you.

Endoscope brush according to MDR
Endoscopy brushes

Schellenberger is the only brush manufacturer that is able to deliver endoscope brushes (0.4 mm diameter) of any length. Our employees use a patented method to produce medical brushes of outstanding quality. Fully automated bulk orders or manual production of small batches are both possible. As a matter of routine we adhere to all the relevant hygiene standards.

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Other hygiene brushes in our portfolio:
  • Mascara brushes
  • Laboratory brushes
  • Microbrushes
  • Single-tuft brushes
  • Prosthesis brushes
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