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The new EU Medical Device Regulation 2017/745 entered into force on May 25, 2017 and will apply from May 26, 2020 after a three-year transition period. The guideline can be viewed at This directive replaces the previous directive 93/42 / EEC on medical devices. It applies immediately and does not require implementation in national laws.

Our brushes, which are used to clean medical devices, are then class I medical devices. In our role as suppliers, it is our aim to provide our customers with the best possible care. We would be happy to provide you with information, data sheets, test plans, etc. that you need to implement the new directive.

This applies in particular to

  • Endoscope cleaning brushes
  • Cleaning brushes in the hospital for
    • hoses
    • valves
    • Distal valves
    • working channels
  • Dental and interdental brushes with elbow (mandrill)

You can find more information on the website of the Federal Ministry of Health.

Infos zur Coronakrise - Betriebsschließung vom 21.05.2020 - 07.06.2020

in den letzten Wochen erreichten uns eine zunehmende Anzahl an Wünschen, die Liefertermine nach hinten zu verschieben. Der Wert der Aufträge hat nun leider ein Maß erreicht, an dem notwendig ist, vorhandene Ressourcen zu konsolidieren und den Betrieb ab dem 21.05.2020 für 2 Wochen zu schließen. Weitere Informationen finden Sie in unserem Beitrag unter ******** EN: in the past few weeks we have received an increasing number of requests to postpone delivery dates. Unfortunately, the value of the orders has now reached a level at which it is necessary to consolidate existing resources and to close our operations for 2 weeks from May 21, 2020 to the June 07, 2020. More Informations, cou can find at